Almax Health Care has emerged as a well-known manufacturer and supplier engaged in offering a varied range of products. The assortment of goods that the company is engaged in offering entails AH 100 Oil, All Pain Oil, Herbal Hair Oil, Liv 24 Liver Tonic, Aqzyme Tonic, Josh E Shakti and many others. Having the support from a well-knit team of experts etc.

Liv 24 Liver Tonic

While purchasing the product from us, you can choose to make payment through any mode. Our personnel will assist you to pay for your purchases conveniently. We are supported by a well-managed and automated warehouse system wherein we store the entire lot in a secured manner. The automatic handling, storage and distribution of the goods thus become an ease. Benefits Helps To Keep The Liver Functioning At Optimum Levels Corrects & Maintains Liver Function When Impaired Regenerates Liver cells. Encourages Normal Growth In Under Weight Patients Removes Constipation. Improves Appetite, Digestion & Ensures Better Assimilation. Protects Liver Damage In Alcoholics, Hepatotoxins And Drugs Helps Not To He Fattv Liver Disorders.